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15 cool Christmas recipes

Weihnachtsmänner mit Salzstangen

I am still so honored I am the host of the Food Advent Calendar “Spice It Up!”. If you would like to get an overview, feel free to check out details here. As a host, I decided to recapture the recipes published so far as we are in half of the calendar today on December 12. So if you are still toying with ideas, figuring out the meal plan for Christmas, you need to have a look at all these wonderful recipes for inspiration. Be sure to check back, there will be another roundup at the end for last minute changes!

Main dishes

Spiced pork roast with cranberries

This looks so easy and delicious, yet classic!

Uruguayan deep-dish pizza 

torta de fiambreWhy not try something completely different? Ham instead of poultry and a crazy twist on a deep-dish pizza!

One-pot vegetable lasagna

Done in about half an hour, healthy, delicious, what else do you need for a carefree Christmas?


Braised red cabbage

Perfect for sausages and potatos, but can also be paired with poultry


How to host a cookie baking partyHow to host a macaron baking partyIn case you are doing a cookie exchange or cookie baking, these tips come in handy

Eggnog cookies

If you have leftover eggnog or are looking for something slightly different, these are perfect!

Traditional Linzer Cookies

Linzer PlätzchenYou can also fill traditional Linzer Cookies with your own homemade cherry jam with stern anise from below

GingersnapsNothing beats the classic recipe, right?


Paleo and diary free pumpkin spiced cheesecake

Something super healthy for all your family members with allergies!

Steamed Yoghurt Pudding

Want to wow your family with a completely new and exotic recipe? Try this one from India!

Saffron with rasgullas

I mean, saffron as an expensive and exotic spice for Christmas, do I need to say more?

Marbled peppermint fudge

Christmas without fudge is not going to happen, right?


Cardamom spiced almond milk

I am sure you can make this delicious treat also with regular milk. Sounds so good and cardamom gives it the little extra!

Eggnog with a meringue toppingHomemade eggnog with meringue topping sounds like a really cool idea!

Pumpkin spice lattePumpkin Spice LatteIf you have a bunch of people who are getting tired, try to serve this energizing drink!

Feel free to pin all these ideas!

So what are you thinking of making for Christmas? All planned out? More of a spur of the moment thing?

Stained Glass Cookies

stained glass cookies

Let me introduce stained glass cookies to you. Stained what? Yes, you read right. These cookies are both, they are eatable, but they are also super pretty decoration. They will look extra pretty if you hang them in a window or put them on a branch. Because then you will be able to see through the stained glass. I think these cookies are perfect for the season and most definitely a thoughtful gift.

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Apple Cranberry Almond Pie

Apple Cranberry Almond Pie

If you are looking for the perfect pie for Thanksgiving, this is for you. This is the perfect winter/fall pie with lots of juicy apples, fresh cranberries, and a hint of almond. Let me introduce Apple Cranberry Almond Pie to you!

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Healthy Ginger Muffins with no Refined Sugar

In February, I did a little experminet: I didn’t eat any refined sugar. For 24 days it was honey, molasses, raisins or dates. So I had to check what I could eat for breakfast because I like sweet breakfast. In February I would eat a slice of bread with peanut butter, molasses and banana, but that got boring. So I checked what else I could try. I know that it is not that common in Germany to have a muffin for breakfast. I mean, that sounds like eating cake for breakfast, right? Not going to happen during my sugarfree month. But if you think of a muffin without refined sugar and a lot of whole wheat flour, it suddenly doesn’t sound that bad. If you add some fresh ginger  (much better than ground!) and dark molasses to the mix, you suddenly got me interested. I enjoy mine with plain yoghurt. Try it, it really is an awesome combo!

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Roscónes: Colombian Sweet Bread Stuffed with Guava Paste


Today I am excited to say that this is a treat you most likely haven’t heard of if you are not Colombian: roscónes. Sweet yeast bread is already a good start, then add some cool guava paste (called bocadillo in Colombia, it has many other names in other Latin American countries) and you have a very exotic mix. I think only Colombians can create something, which is like breakfast and dessert merged into one piece of deliciousness. Yeast dough? For sure! Fancy braiding of said dough? You betcha! Excotic guava filling? Nothing less!


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How to Make Vanilla Extract

homemade vanilla extract

I originally planned to post here once per week, but I am so excited, I am going to ignore that plan and post anyway. There are two reasons why. No. 1: Anna from the blog Teigliebe (in German) asked today which was our favorite spice for baking. Which made me think. The answer is really simple: I have come to realize that vanilla extract does give a recipe a very nice flavor. I have often been forced to leave out vanilla extract because it is soooo hard to come by in Germany. But the baked goods taste so much better if you add it. And no. 2 is because, you know, I finally found out how to make my own vanilla extract. It is so simple and easy, I am a bit angry I didn’t know beforehand.

vanilla extract

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Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

nutella chocolate chip cookie

I am a huge fan of cookies. If you say chocolate chips, I am in. If you say chocolate chips plus Nutella, you get me excited. Think of a cookie full of chocolate chips plus a soft center plus a swirl of Nutella. I can’t resist that combination.

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