Round-up of the Advent Calendar

Merry Christmas everyone! We did it, I am opening the last door of the food advent calendar “Spice It Up!”. I am still so honored to be the host of the event. If you have no idea what an advent calendar is, check out details here. Today I am doing a roundup of the calendar with Christmas recipes. So if you are still looking for last minute inspiration, look no further! We have main dishes, cookies (lots of them), desserts, breads, breakfast ideas, beverages, anything you possibly need to host an awesome Christmas menu.

Main dishes

Spiced pork roast with cranberries

This looks so easy and delicious, yet classic!

Uruguayan deep-dish pizza 

torta de fiambreYou want to try something completely different? Go with this version of a pizza!

One-pot vegetable lasagna

Done in about half an hour, healthy, delicious, what else do you need for a carefree Christmas?


Braised red cabbage

Perfect for sausages, but can also be paired with poultry

Pomegranate citrus salad

If you are looking for a healthy, vegan and light salad, this is for you!


Vanilla crescents

Believe me when I say that I have not meant a single person yet who doesn’t love these!

Thumbprint cookies

Two crazy twists to a classic recipe.

Traditional Linzer cookies

Linzer PlätzchenPair these classic cookies with a slight hint of almond and raspberry jam with

Spiced cherry jam

This super delicious jam. Rachael, who contributed this recipe, says the cookies with the jam are her new favorite!

GingersnapsNothing beats the classic recipe, right?

Gingerbread cookiesSo pretty with chai spice, but no eggs. Also, check out the easy icing!

Eggnog meringue cookiesI love meringue cookies and this recipe has such a nice twist to it!

Christmas tree barkThis looks so pretty and it can be done in a jiffy!

Gingerbread cookies

Dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled, these are a perfect last-minute gift!

Eggnog cookies

If you have leftover eggnog or are looking for something slightly different, these are perfect!


Indian orange cardamon cake

I am so going to make this cake, so festive and full of flavors!

Chocolate ginger ice cream

Such a crazy combination, I am sure you will love it!

Paleo pumpkin spiced cheesecake

Something super healthy for all your family members with allergies!

Steamed yoghurt pudding

Want to wow your family with a completely new and exotic recipe? Try this one from India!

Saffron with rasgullas

I mean, saffron as an expensive and exotic spice for Christmas, do I need to say more?

Peppermint fudge

Christmas without fudge is not going to happen, right?


German stollen

stollenThis is a wonderful bread for Christmas morning with rasins!

Cinnamon Christmas bread roll

This giant cinnamon roll also has dried fuits in it.


Bay leaf infused cosmopolitanIf you are still looking for booze, this is a fresh idea!

Cardamom spiced almond milkI am sure you can make this delicious treat also with regular milk. Sounds so good and cardamom gives it the little extra!

Eggnog with a meringue toppingHomemade eggnog with meringue topping sounds like a really cool idea!

Homemade pumpkin spice lattePumpkin Spice LatteIf you have a bunch of people who are getting tired, try to serve this energizing drink!

PS: As I have always been a dessert girl, I will make this super delicious chocolate mousse cherry cake as the main dessert for Christmas. I won first prize in a recipe contest with it, you can read more about that here.

Chocolate Mousse Cherry Cake

Chocolate Mousee Cherry Cake

As stated before, have a wonderful Christmas and thank you to each and everyone who participated, it was such a blast! Hope to do this next year again!

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