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Food Advent Calendar “Spice It Up!”

Finally, I have been waiting patiently for today. Finally I can announce the Food Advent Calendar “Spice It Up!”, which I decided to organize. A Food Advent Calendar, you ask? Have you ever heard of the tradition of the advent calendar? The basic idea is that waiting for Christmas is made more bearable. Advent calendars are sold in Germany as calendars with little doors to open on every day. Usually chocolate is hidden behind each door, so you are officially allowed to eat a little piece of chocolate between December 1 to 24. Sounds great, doesn’t it? At least for me as a big chocolate lover I have always loved that idea.

I decided to organize an Advent Calendar of my own kind. I asked 24 bloggers from all around the world to join me and each present a new recipe on their blog as their little treat. The Food Advent Calendar is called “Spice It Up” because I wanted everybody to use a typical spice of the season in their freshly created recipes.

So every day as of tomorrow until Christmas we will visit blogs which freshly invented recipes. And see which spice they used. And be excited. At least I am very excited. I have the honor of posting the first recipe tomorrow. Just to give you a sneak peek:

stollenAs our world is a very visual place, I decided to create a visual representation of the Advent Calendar, if you click on the “doors” below, you will find the recipes contributed. However, as in real life, you are only allowed to see one door per day, so tomorrow only door number 1 will lead to a new recipe. Please be sure to return to check out all recipes. After December 24 all 24 recipes will remain available.

People who are participating are as follows:

December 1, I will feature tonka bean in a sweet bread tomorrow on this blog

December 2, Rachel from Dishing Up Dinner will feature nutmeg in a cookie

December 3, Jyoti from The Hungry Belly will feature saffron in a dessert

December 4, Natalie from Natalie Journeys will feature nutmeg in a drink

December 5, Renea from Inspire A Creation will feature peppermint in a dessert

December 6, Samira from Samira’s Recipe Diary will feature cardamom in a dessert

December 7, Markus from Earth Food and Fire will feature cloves in a side dish

December 8, Candi from Make Ahead Meal Mom will feature nutmeg in a main dish

December 9, Rachael from Coloured Plates will feature star anise in a condiment

December 10, Kori from I Rok the Kitchen will feature ginger in a cookie

December 11, Megan from Life on Paradise Drive will feature pumpkin pie spice in a dessert

December 12, Leslie from Deliciously Plated will feature cardamom in a beverage

December 13, Tanya from Food Forage will feature ginger in a dessert

December 14, Ali from Fix Me a Little Lunch will feature bay leaves in a cocktail

December 15, Daniela from Dani’s Cookings will feature cinnamon in a cake

December 16, Neha from Witty Mushroom will feature cardamom in a dessert

December 17, Lizet from Chipa by the Dozen will feature aniseed in a cookie

December 18, Jillian from Simple Sassy Scrumptious will feature cinnamon and cloves in a cookie

December 19, Renea from Inspire a Creation will feature almond in a dessert

December 20, Angela from Bake It with Love will feature nutmeg in a dessert

December 21, Kaveri from Pretty Little Things will feature ginger in a dessert

December 22, Nataliya from The Friendly Gourmand will feature clove in a side dish

December 23, Myriam from Milly’s Melting Pot will feature vanilla in a cookie

December 24, I will do a roundup on this blog

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