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One-pot Vegetable Lasagna

one-pot vegetable lasagna

Today I made a one-pot vegetable lasagna. Since my husband broke his ankle a while ago, I have to be the housewive and so I thought I might as well see what I can do with pasta. I mean, everybody loves pasta, right? While checking what options are out there, I stumbled across the one-pot lasagna. Have you every heard of it? I hadn’t. The basic idea is to create lasagna in one pot. So no horrible preparation of different sauces and then layering everything into a dish and then finally putting the lasagna in the oven while you are already snacking because you got so hungry during the process. No, here you simply make the whole lasagna in a pot.  You do need a deep skillet for this with at least 30cm in diameter and you need a lid. But other than that, this is really simple. So as I said, the basic idea is that you cook the lasagna noodles in tomato sauce. You need to be sure to have enough liquid to get them nicely cooked, but since you are doing everything in the skillet, the lasagna is ready much quicker than if done the traditional way. Once you chopped the vegetables, this lasagna is ready in half an hour. I don’t think you can beat that.

One-pot vegetable lasagna

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