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Meringue Cake from Mexico or mostachón de fresas

Mostachón de fresas, mexikanischer Kuchen

Today we have a Mexican cake from the north called “mostachón de fresas.” Its base is a nut-based meringue (including crackers) a cream-cheese topping and of course strawberries. I learned that you can basically decorate with any kind of fruit. In Mexico mangos are pretty popular, but I figured since we have strawberry season and strawberries are also popular for this cake, I would stick to the traditional version. It may sound like a strange combination, especially the salty crackers, but my husband and me loved it.

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Chocoflan oder der unmögliche Kuchen aus Mexiko

Chocoflan aus Mexiko

Heute gibt es einen “unmöglichen” Kuchen aus Mexiko. Warum unmöglich? Weil der Kuchen während des Backens die beiden Schichten (Flan und Schokokuchen) austauscht. Ich konnte es auch nicht glauben, frag mich lieber nicht was da chemisch abgeht, aber der Schokoteig, den ich als erstes in die Gugelhupfform gegeben habe, findet sich zu Ende der Backzeit oben. Spannend und abgefahren. Kein Wunder, dass dieser Kuchen als “imposible” also unmöglich bezeichnet wird. Lecker ist er auch noch, schließlich besteht er aus zwei Komponenten: dem Schokokuchen und “Flan“, das ist so eine Art Pudding, der aus Milch gemacht wird. Flan ist in ganz Südamerika bekannt, mitgebracht haben dieses Dessert die Spanier.

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Authentic Mexican Tacos and Tacos al Pastor

Rezept für mexikanische Tacos al Pastor

Guys, can you believe it, I do have a full category with all Latin American recipes on this blog, but so far not a single Mexican recipe. That’s a shame, because the Mexican cuisine has so much to offer. My favorite Mexican food is tacos and for that reason we are going to make tacos from scratch, the whole thing. Because tacos are super basic, you need three ingredients: cornmeal, salt, and water. So for that reason tacos are gluten-free and also vegan. As always you will find a lot of tips below for your tacos to be successful from the start.

Tacos are as important in Mexico as are arepas in Colombia and Venezuela. However, true Mexican tacos are never “hard shell” as often suggested by the chain Taco Bell, tacos are eaten with your hands and are soft and flexible, they are a small tortilla after all. For that reason you will see them all flat on my pictures, this is how I learned to eat tacos from Mexicans. You only bend them in your hands. Tacos are usually made with cornmeal and not flour. As far as I know flour tacos are only known in the north of Mexico, but the rest of the country uses corn. Tacos are super popular in Mexico and are usually served with some spicy salsa or sauce. But now let’s get started.

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