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Rezepte 2018

Best of 2018

Best of 2018

Today on the first day of 2019 I thought it would make sense to do a best of 2018. From your point of view. For that I am going to introduce your ten favorite recipes here, the ones you click and commented the most. As some recipes got featured in MSN and Yahoo in December, I had to patiently wait until the last day to actually have a look at the final result. I have to say, this was also very interesting for me, you know checking and realizing what you actually enjoy. But let’s get started:

#10 No-bake lime cheese cake

Lime CheesecakeThis no-bake lime cheese cake is completely gluten free and needs no baking at all. You may want to give it a try during the cold season as well. Especially if you have any limes left over after your New Year’s celebration 😉

#9 Colombian sweet bread or roscónes

rosconThis is a sweet yeast dough filled with guava paste. In my opinion the best sweet bread from Colombia, hands down.

#8 One-pot vegetable lasagna

one-pot vegetable lasagnaYes, you will find savory dishes on my blog occassionally. Apparently you like this dish a lot. What I like about this recipe is that it comes together so quickly, all you need is a good skillet. The recipe can also be made vegan and is perfect for a healthy dinner.

#7 Colombian cheese balls or buñuelos

Kolumbianische buñuelos aka frittierte Käse-Teigbällchen (glutenfrei)I am very excited that this recipe made it into the top ten, considering that I only published it in December. The best part? They are deep-fried and gluten free, the best snack on earth!

#6 Plum tart with cinnamon streusel

Pflaumentarte mit ZimtstreuselnThis recipe has been passed down and been circled around friends and family. I can’t believe it took me so long to finally introduce it here. No wonder you loved it, too.

#5 Vegan Oreo chocolate cake

vegan Oreo CakeI am excited that this guest post from Ramona from the blog somegreenlife made it to number 4. And in case you didn’t know, yes, Oreos are vegan and this cake tastes like a gigantic Oreo cake!

#4 Colombian corn bread with cheese filling or arepa boyacense

Colombian corn bread arepa boyacenseYes, these are gluten free (do you start seeing the pattern?) and they are filled with mozzarella. I love this as a snack, no wonder you loved this recipe as much as I do!

#3 Chocolate lava cake

Schokoladenküchlein mit flüssigem KernYou will need only few ingredients to make this happen. I provide tips on how to be sure for the center to actually be lava.

#2 Heidesand cookies

Heidesand-PlätzchenThese cookies have very few ingredients and are the most tender and buttery cookie you can possibly imagine. The best cookie for vanilla shortbread lovers. No wonder it is in the top three.

#1 Letter cake with raspberry cream

Letter CakeI made the famous letter or number cake with sponge cake and filled it with raspberry cream. Apparently you love this fluffy cake with macaron decoration, too! For that reason I made another number cake, this time I filled it with lemon cream and a touch of mint, you know after all that heavy Christmas food 😉 Feel free to check out the recipe here.

I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s celeberation and that 2019 has a lot in store for you!