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My Favorite Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes


Do you love raspberries with chocolate? Then these raspberry chocolate cupcakes are for you. Since my raspberry chocolate cake became the runner-up in 2020 and has already more than 100 reviews, I decided to give this flavor combination another chance. What better option than to ygo for cupcakes? Cupcakes usually require less time and are wonderful for any events, parties, or even for Valentine or a birthday. My version contains my favorite chocolate cupcake, a tart raspberry filling and buttercream bursting with raspberry flavor. No artifical food coloring required.

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Valentine Cherry Hand Pies

Valentine Cherry Hand Pie

Valentine is around the corner and this is a super simple recipe you can make, it has few ingredients you mostly likely have at home. They contain all-purpose flour, sugar, butter, almonds, one egg, vanilla extract, and cherry jam. Happen to have those at home? If so, let’s have a look at this hand pie, which I specifically made for Valentine! These hand pies are perfect to take along as they fit into any plastic box (no hassle dragging a three-tier cake along), they can be prepared in advance, and they are so small that you can share with more than only your Valentine. On top, they simply are cute to look at and they can be frozen easily. These cherry hand pies are the best!

Valentine Cherry Hand Pie

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Macarons in Herzform mit Schokoladen-Ganache

heart-shaped macaron

OK, vielleicht ist es kitschig, mag sein. Ich habe nämlich dieses Jahr beschlossen was zum Valentinstag zu machen. Auch wenn ich immer noch der Meinung bin, dass man keinen extra Tag braucht, wenn man seinem Liebsten sagen will wie gerne man ihn/sie hat. Aber ist ja wurscht, so lange ich was backen darf, ist doch wunderbar. Und wenn ich französische Macaron in Herzform machen darf, umso besser. Mit Schokoladenganache. Muss ich mehr sagen?

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