Let’s Have a Coffee #2

I’m still surprised that you are so interested in my personal life. My new category “Let’s Have a Coffee” seems to be hitting a soft spot, many people have contacted me since then and mentioned that they are really enjoying this new category. If you would like to read my first entry, check it here. And since you were so excited about the first entry, I am doing number two now. As with the first entry, I decided to first answer a question I get asked all the time:

What is your favorite food?

The short answer is: this depends. It depends on the season, whether you are talking about breakfast, main course, etc. Sometimes it will change, just because I am hot or cold, or didn’t sleep properly, etc., etc. Seriously, there is no ONE food I will always eat. However, chances are high that you will get me excited about burgers. I love hamburgers, of course homemade. My husband makes a kick-ass burger bun. He is the master of bread-baking and he has been baking all of the bread we consume for quite some time now. That’s also one of the main reasons you don’t find that many bread recipes on my blog even though we eat a lot of homemade bread. That’s because my husband took over. He once graciously allowed me to document how he made some Italian bread with semolina and olive oil. If you are interested in that recipe, please check here. Do let me know if you are interested in seeing his burger bun recipe, it is a brioche-based bun, just so delicious!

If you are asking about desserts, it gets even harder. You can make me very happy with the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. Or currently I am craving this chocolate mousse cherry cake. I actually invented that recipe and won a baking price with this recipe.

Schoko-Mousse-KirschtorteI won a baking prize with this chocolate mousse cherry cake

Other than food I am currently getting ready for our holidays in San Francisco, yay! Of course I had to ask on Faceboook which kind of utensils and ingredients I should be taking with me from the U.S. If you have any pastry shop, coffee place, or some weird ingredients or baking utensils you think I should get while on holiday in San Francisco, by all means, do let me know in the comments. But I am not only excited about going on a holiday, I am also excited as we lived in Fresno, Califronia for three years when I was a toddler. It is only a three-hour drive from SF, so I definitely want to visit. Haven’t been there ever since. However, hubby is not too excited, still some convincing to do…

And you may find this crazy, but we are also considering hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner here in Hamburg, Germany. You know, Germans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and neither my husband or me have an American passport, but since my husband enjoys cooking and me baking, I guess we will find any reason to invite people. This time I was very much inspired by the blogger Tieghan, she wrote an inspiring blog post about food selection, table decorations and the like here. Check out her blog post.

So what’s on your mind?

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