Coffee Date No. 8

Kaffee im Bett

Shame on me, I haven’t drunk a virtual coffee with you in such a long time. It is already the last quarter of 2020 and here I am, no coffee date as of yet. Shame on me. The only excuse I have is that due to the Corona virus my full-time job changed quite a bit with an extremely busy workload. But regardless, I should have taken the time to tell you a bit, shouldn’t I?

Be it as it may, the first thing that comes to mind is that I am currently deep-diving into wedding cakes. Originally a good friend of mine asked me to make her wedding cake for summer this year. However, due to the pandemic the wedding was postponed to 2021. Additionally, another relative asked me if I was willing to make her wedding cake for next year. Both weddings are with more than 100 guests. I have not baked such a big cake as of yet and both cakes are going to be at least 3-tier wedding cakes. The only time I made a mini-version of a three-tier cake was when I made one for Meghan’s and Harry’s wedding. However, this was a super tiny version with the top tier being a muffin.  I hope this explains why I am checking Youtube, doing trial runs of cakes, etc., etc. Below you see one of these trial cakes I made. It is a lemon cake base with lots of blueberry filling. I decided to go with a sponge cake with melted butter to make it sturdier. Below cake travelled 300km with me on the Autobahn, so this is definitely a keeper. You can find the chocolate version here. I will most definitely let you know about my wedding cakes, there is so much to think about, how do you know which sizes to go for, which recipes to choose, how to convert existing recipes, etc., etc. I will most definitely make an entire series about this. What would you be most interested in and is there anything you that has not been answered for you?

Probe-Hochzeitstorte mit Schoko-Drip und Beeren

Another important aspect of this blog is that I have started with recipe videos. I even have a full category for you to see all right away. I love recipe videos, there still is a lot to learn and and a lot to improve. I like to film while making a recipe. I decided to go for the “hand videos”, which means that you will see my hands while filming, I don’t talk. The last video I made was chocolate lava cakes, which I definitely need to make again. The very same ramekins with the very same recipe need four minutes longer in my new oven in Munich. So I can only beg you to really try when yours are perfect and check with your specific oven what the best times are.

Chocolate lava cakes

By the way, I decided to always go with the same piano piece as the background music of my videos. It is a piece I composed myself a few years back. (yes, I was a professional jazz pianist for a while). It may not be your typical music for a recipe video, however, I decided to do this for two reasons. Number #1 being that I don’t have to worry about copyrights, etc. as it is my own composition. Number #2 because I just like the idea that you will immediately recognize my music regardless of which video you are going to watch. So that’s what I decided to go for. Even if it is unusual.

Oher than that I am enjoying this wonderfull fall season, my favorite season of the entire year. I love to snuggle with some warm blanket, reading a nice book with a cookie in my hand. I love all fall spices, pumpkin recipes, this delicious apple almond cake or this tiramisu sponge roll. How do you relax on a rainy and/or cold day in fall?

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