Coffee Date No. 7

Kaffee im Café

Wow, it feels like it has been ages since I last drank a coffee with you virtually. Sorry for that. So, take a nice cup of coffee or tea, whatever suits you, and find a comfy place, let’s chat! Let’s chat about winter, the season coming up and what has happened. In case you didn’t know, I moved from the north of Germany, from Hamburg, to the south, Munich. I believe I can say that I have settled in after about three-quarters of a year. Obviously, I had to try some more southern recipes such as broken-up pancakes called Kaiserschmarren, sweet dumplings with apricot filling, or the famous Austrian chocolate cake called Sacher. I have to say that I do miss Franzbrötchen, Hamburg’s version of cinnamon rolls. The ones you can find here in the south are simply not the same.

Kaiserschmarren mit GlühweinkirschenI have been working full-time in HR since we moved. This means that my blog is my creative outlet and my hobby. I had originally planned to offer baking classes. However, due to the move through the entire country I haven’t been able to offer any as of yet. But I am optimistic that this is going to happen soon. I just love baking too much. The last bigger baking project was a “Friendsgiving” we hosted last weekend. No, Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Germany, but we decided to host one anyway. My husband is a really good cook and was responsible for the turked and stuffing (mind you, with homemade bread and chicken broth made from scratch). We served mashed potatos, homemade cranberry sauce (thank you, dear produce vendor that you actually had fresh cranberries available), and an arugula pomegranate salad as the side. For dessert we served this pumpkin layer cake with brown butter buttercream and these cute little squirrel cookies with shortbread dough with additional hazelnuts and chocolate. It was so much fun, I hope you can see that on the pictures.

Traditionelles Thanksgiving-EssenAnd then I wanted to do a follow up of my rye shampoo adventures. I already told you during a previous coffee date that I have been washing my hair with rye flour and water. My hair looked much stronger and thicker. However, unfortunately, I was never able to get out the rye flour completely, even if I rinsed my hair thoroughly. My scalp started itching at some point and got irritated. For that reason I stopped. No easy decision, for sure.

Do you already feel like the season? I definitely do. I love everything fall and I feel this fall was particularly beautiful in Munich. September as well as October were so golden, it was just wonderful. As always I tried to snap pictures of everything, not only the food, but of the golden light, nature, and people. But now I don’t mind the start of winter. The nights are definitely chilly, below zero and I have already baked the first batch of gingerbread or Lebkuchen. I do that every year, decorating my apartment with all things gingerbread. I made cute little gingerbread houses as well as the famous Linzer cookies. I have also baked hazelnut cookies from Italy called baci di dama. What do you always bake during the season?

Baci di Dama oder Damenküsse aus ItalienIn case you are a huge cookie monster, I can only recommend for you to visit my blog as of this Thursday every day. You will soon see why. You should mark December 4 as the highlight, there is going to be a giveaway. If you are into homemade cookies, check out my blog regularly or subscribe by email.

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