How to Make Affordable Photo Backdrops

Wie man günstig tolle Fotohintergründe herstellt

Are you looking for affordable backdrops for your food photography? Then look no further, I will give you tips below how you can make them yourself and this is me talking, a very clumsy person who has problems assembling IKEA furniture. You don’t have to spend much to make beautiful backdrops, believe me, you can make each backdrop easily to your liking and with your preferred color set. Let’s get started!

Wie man günstig tolle Fotohintergründe herstellt#1 What do you need?

  • Get a chipboard, scrap board, or wooden board at least the size of 60cmx80cm. I like to checkout our local wood market, they often have leftovers they give away for free or very little money
  • You will either need a brush or a small paint roller
  • Lacquer or wood color (try to go with neutral colors, such as black, white, grey, brown, etc. However, I also wanted to make a point here by using a bright blue because in my opinion it gives a very fresh look to food as well. You should definitely go for at least two colors and one of them being neutral)
  • Sanding paper  with different strength, I used 60, 320, and 800
  • Optional: an old sponge or white chalk

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Seriously, it is not that hard, you basically paint each side of your board and that’s it!

Wie man günstig tolle Fotohintergründe herstellt#2 Paint the wood board

  • Sand your board with the sanding paper, starting with the roughest and then going to the finest to make a nice even surface
  • Dampen a towel or cloth and be sure to rub the board clean, wait until it is dry
  • Then paint it with one coat and let it dry overnight
  • If need be, paint a second coat and let it dry again
  • Create a marbled effect by either using your second color or using chalk. This is important to get depth into your pictures. You can either use a similar color in a different shade or use a neutral color to create the effect. I actually like to use chalk, depending how marbled I want the board to look

Wie man günstig tolle Fotohintergründe herstelltSo as stated, really not that hard, I promise. Find additional tips here:

Additional tips:

  • It is very important you marble your boards. I first wondered why and the reason is because you want to create a lot of layers in your photos. Making it look marbled helps this effect a lot, you want depth in your pictures, for the eyes to wander and to have a background that looks the part. So as I said, I like to have a plain blue board and then put white chalk when I actually take pictures, sometimes I add more than other times (see examples below).
  • Use another color on the back of your board. For example, my blue board actually has a brown board on the back. You want to be efficient with your backdrops, don’t you?
  • You will be amazed to see how different something looks if you simply switch your board for the ground with the one in the back. I like to play with that and see how it changes the mood.
  • Buy at least two boards and paint each side differently. Voila, you will have four backgrounds with almost no money. The picture you see below shows white/grey foil I glued onto one side of the board and the blue board. Simple, yet so elegant and easy.

Meringue fantasy with blueberry cream

Meeres-Pavlova mit einer Meerjungfrau


A chocolate chip cookie in cake formchocolate chip cookie cake


Vegan smoothie with coconut, blackberries and spirulina

spirulina and blackberry smoothie


The best homemade croissants

is because as the focused area is like this very irregular superficie,So what other ideas do you have for cheap yet elegant backdrops?

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