Simple Hot Chocolate

Heiße Schokolade in einer süßen Emaille-Tasse

I had a weird quirk for a while, every time I went to a café, I would order hot chocolate if they had it, regardless of the season. I was often amazed as to what I was served. I remember eating some sort of custard one time, another time it seemed to be pure melted chocolate, and many times it was something in between. Today I am going to introduce to you some simple hot chocolate I do enjoy and which is very easy to prepare. If you so desire, you can also make it vegan. I have been meaning to publish this recipe here and finally I have gotten around to it, let’s have some hot chocolate!

Heiße Schokolade in einer süßen Emaille-TasseIn my very humble opinion hot chocolate should contain both, chocolate as well as cocoa powder. If it contains both and is mixed with milk, this is when you will experience the deep chocolate flavor and enjoy this mug in your hand. If you don’t want to drink such a rich and decadent beverage, you can omit the chocolate, but then it is going to be more like hot cocoa. Not bad either, but simply not as creamy and as much depth in flavor. I love molasses as it adds a nice caramel touch, but by all means, you are free to use maple syrup or any kind of sweetener of your preference, you may even go for plain sugar.

Heiße Schokolade in einer süßen Emaille-Tasse

Simple Hot Chocolate

Serves: One portion
Prep Time: 5min Cooking Time: 5min Total Time: 10min

This simple hot chocolate is prepared within minutes and only needs a few ingredients.


  • 1 teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1-3 teaspoons of molasses (depending on how sweet you like it)
  • 250 grams (vegan) milk
  • 30 grams of semi-sweet chocolate



Version 1: Heat cocoa powder, molasses and milk and stir in the chopped chocolate until melted.


Version 2: Put cocoa powder and molasses in a mug and steam the milk until hot and airy. Stir into mug and lastly fold in the chocolate. You may serve with alcohol and further spices.

Heiße Schokolade in einer süßen Emaille-TassePS: You will find the recipe for these cute little gingerbread houses here

PS2: You will find the mugs here

PS3: Making Baileys yourself is currently very popular and you may add a dash in your hot chocolate

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