Healthy, Gluten Free and Vegan Fruit Pizza

You have company coming over or you are in the mood for a delicious breakfast that looks fabulous? Look no further, this fruit pizza is perfect for this occasion. The base consists of nuts and dates, you can also use coconut or soya yoghurt as the cream, and the pizza is then topped off with fruits that are in season. I promise you, this elegant and healthy breakfast doesn’t take very long to prepare and is healthy, gluten free, and if you want to, also vegan.


I already published a fruit pizza on the blog, that one is slightly unhealthier as it has a brownie as the base. If you are interested, check out the reipce in this blog post. Today I decided to go for a much healthier version. The base is so easy to prepare and only contains nuts and dates. You can go fully vegan if you choose coconut or soya yoghurt as the second layer. My version was prepared with Greek yoghurt. But the heart of this pizza are the fruits, at least in my opinion. You can go with whatever floats your boat, any fruits that are on sale, are in season or you like a lot. I made my pizza with a banana, clementines, pears and berries, but obviously you can go with apples, cherries, apricots, kiwis, anything you currently have at hand!

Gluten free and healthy Fruit Pizza

Serves: One 24-30 cm ∅ tart form
Cooking Time: 25min preparation

This naturally gluten-free fruit pizza kann be made vegan.


  • Crust
  • 200 grams of dates
  • 200 grams of walnuts or pecan nuts, other nuts work as well

  • 200 grams Greek yoghurt, you can also use vegan yoghurt, e.g. coconut or soya yoghurt

  • Fruits of your choice, I used
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • 1 kiwi
  • Pineapple



Soak the dates for about 10min in boiling water. Then cut in half and place with nuts into food processor. I added a little bit of the water to the mix to make it easier to form. The crust is meant to be soft, this is not a crunchy bottom.


Oil a tart form with canola oil, line with parchment paper and pat down mix either with your hands or the bottom of a glass.


Spread joghurt on top, peel and slices fruits and decorate tart with them. Serve chilled.

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