Healthy Melon Cake for a Summer Party

Gesunde Melonentorte ohne backen für die Sommerparty

You don’t want to turn on the oven, but would like to impress your guests with a two, three, or even four-tier cake? If possible, it should be healthy and nice to look at? Look no further, you need to try this melon cake! Yes, this is basically serving fresh fruit, but not just a salad or simply on a plate, no, here you stack melon onto each other and produce a tiered cake! So here you have it, a tiered cake with no gluten, refined sugar, and completely vegan. This is something for health-conscious people. And it is nice to look at and definitely a show-stopper. No matter if you make this in a large size or as I did in a smaller version, I am sure that your guests are going to be impressed.

Gesunde Melonentorte ohne backen für die SommerpartyThe idea is simple, instead of making a layered cake, you do the layers with melons. You basically carve out the right shapes from large water melons and then stack them on top of each other. How you do this best, I explain below in the instructions. And once you have your cake layers, it is time to decorate! I went with berries, but it is up to you what you want to use, you may also use kiwis (maybe cut into cute little stars?), oranges, strawberries, cherries, the possibilities are endless. Even if you are not a seasoned baker, I am sure you can pull off this tiered cake. Regardless if you are making a large cake or a small one like I did. Just check how many guests you have coming and choose the diamter of the bottom cake accordingly.

Gesunde Melonentorte ohne backen für die SommerpartyThe melon cake you see on the pictures was smaller in size. The bottom layer had a diameter of 15 cm and was 5.5cm in height. Obviously you can go much bigger, you just need to be sure to have melons big enough to carve out the cakes. You may also think of frosting this cake for it to look even more like a natural cake. You may go with simply whipping cream, a mix of mascarpone and cream cheese, or your favorite buttercream. However, it won’t be as healthy anymore. But regardless of what you do, be sure to share a slice with somebody and have a wonderful party!

Gesunde Melonentorte ohne backen für eine Sommerparty

Healthy Melon Cake for a Summer Party

Healthy Melon Cake for a Summer Party


  • One to three watermelons, at least 4kilos or more, seedless watermelons work best
  • If desired one honey melon etc. for the top tier
  • 125 grams of fresh raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries
  • Additional fruit for decorating, e.g. strawberries, kiwis, oranges, etc.
  • Mint and/or basil leaves
  • Toothpicks
  • You may also decorate with whipping cream making small tuffs, make a drip version with chocolate or frost the cake with your favorite frosting for it to look even more real.



Jennifer gives super detailed instructions on how to make this "cake" on her Instagram highlight, for this please check here.


Cut off the top and bottom of all watermelons so that you can easily place them on a cutting board. Cut/slice off the skin so that you can barely see the melon flesh. Now see the "equator" of the melon as your potential bottom layer cake as it is widest and thickest here. But sure to cut off horizontally on the top and bottom, having a cake base of at least 5-9cm thick, depending on your melon. You want to be sure that your cakes are evenly thick all around. Once you have carved out the bottom layer cake, look for anything round which is slightly smaller than the diameter of your bottom cake layer. For me this was a plate. Place it on top of the bottom layer and cut off any overhang. This way you make sure your cakes are all very round. Be sure to always cut off straight, not in any angle as otherwise your cake will become crooked. You can also measure whethere the cakes are straight horizontally, I eye-balled this, but you can also make it straight until you are happy.


Before you continue with your second layer, consider that every tier should be slightly smaller in diameter, I would suggest 1-5cm. You also want to make sure that all layers have more or less the same thickness. The bottom layer can be slightly thicker than the top layer, as stated above, I would suggest 5-9cm for thickness. The cake pictured has a bottom layer of 15cm in diameter and 5.5. cm in height, the top tier is 3.5 cm in diameter and 3.5 cm in height.


Now continue with your second cake layer the same way as you did with the first. Depending on the size of your melons you may get a samller tier out of the same melon. Carve out all your tiers and make them round and with even tops and bottoms until you are satisfied.


Stack them on top of each other and fasten each layer with toothpicks. For the second layer I used four toothpicks, for the top only one. Now decorate as desired, I made my fruits look a bit like a waterfall, but any decoration works, get creative. I fastened some fruits with short toothpicks. Decorate with fresh mint and basil leaves.

Gesunde Melonentorte ohne backen für die Sommerparty

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    Tuesday August 8th, 2023 at 01:19 PM

    Die detaillierte Anleitung, wie man die Melonenschichten zusammensetzt, ist großartig. Es zeigt, dass dieser beeindruckende Kuchen trotz seiner Eleganz für jeden erreichbar ist. Eure Tipps zur Auswahl der richtigen Melonengrößen und zum Dekorieren mit verschiedenen Früchten sind hilfreich und inspirierend. Die Idee, das Ganze mit Beeren und Kräutern zu garnieren, verleiht der Torte einen frischen und sommerlichen Touch.

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