Pavlova with Mango

Pavlova mit Mango

Pavlova, a meringue nest with whipped cream and mango filling, who wants a piece? I am going to introduce this recipe from Australia/New Zealand to you. Reason for this being my hubby, who requested pavlova for our 12-year anniversary. There is a similar recipe in Colombia, called merengón with berries, whipped cream and meringue. No wonder that he wanted something similar. Pavlova is, compared to meringue, slightly different. You do have a crunchy outside, yet since you fold in a bit of cornstarch and vingear, the inside remains creamy (see picture below) which is similar to marshmallows. Does this sound like something you are into? Then you should give pavlova a try.

Pavlova mit Mango

Pavlova is one of these recipes that can be prepared in advance. That’s exactly up my alley. Once you bake (it is actually more drying) the pavlova, you can keep it inside your turned off oven. If you want to, even overnight. Also, the mango compote can be done in advance. You may even make the whipping cream ahead of time. However, I would only recommend to stack all the different layers shortly before serving. And even though it was only the two of us, man, this pavlova was gone fast…

Pavlova mit MangoDid this get you interested? As stated, I recommend making at least the pavlova/meringue nest a few hours early or the night before, you can also prepare the mango compote in advance. Then serving your pavlova can be done in less than ten minutes. By the way, I have another pavlova recipe on this blog. That one is with lemon curd and blueberries.

Pavlova with Mango

Serves: One 18 cm/7inch ∅ pavlova
Prep Time: 45min Cooking Time: 1 hr 10min Total Time: 2hr

This pavlova is a marshmallow-like meringue with whipped cream and mango compote with a slight citric touch.


  • Pavlova
  • 4 egg whites or 160 grams of egg whites
  • 200 grams regular sugar
  • 2 teasspoons of cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon of vingear

  • Filling
  • 300grams of frozen mango pieces
  • Sugar if you want to sweeten your mangos
  • 1/2 tablespoon of cornstarch
  • 200 grams of heavy cream
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 fresh mango
  • 1 organic lime
  • 30 grams of pine nuts or other nuts
  • Frische Minze



For the pavlova draw a circle of about 18-20cm on the back of parchment paper. You can use a cake pan or plate. Line a baking sheet with it, making sure the side with the circle is facing downwards. Preheat oven to 150 degrees Celsius.


Beat the egg whites in a fat-free bowl with a pinch of salt until soft peaks form. Add the sugar and beat on high for at least five more minutes until glossy and stiff. Only very briefly beat in cornstarch and vinegar. Using two tablespoons, create a nest with the meringue on your circle. You want to make sure that the nest has high sides. Keep in mind that the meringue will expand a little bit while baking. Reduce oven temperature to 120 degrees Celsius and bake your pavlova around one hour and ten minutes. Keep the oven door closed for at least half an hour. If you have time. Leave the pavlova in the closed oven overnight.


For the filling place the mango pieces in a pot and bring to a simmer. You can use a bit of water. Mix the cornstarch with a bit of cold water in a mug and add to the mangos while constantly stirring. Let cook on medium for about a minute, then set aside.


Shortly before serving beat the heavy cream with the vanilla extract until stiff. Spread on the pavlova, then the cooled off mango compote. Peel fresh mango and cut into bite-size pieces, arrange on top of the pavlova. Grate the zest of the lime on top and squeeze the lime juice on top of the pavlova. Serve with fresh nuts (can be omitted) and mint leaves. Pavlova will taste best on the day it is filled, however, if chilled properly, it will keep for a few days.

Pavlova mit Mango

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