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Let’s have a coffe no. 4


I recently introduced a new category here on the blog. I basically invite you to have a coffee with me, at least virtually. If you are interested in my previous blog posts of this category, check out the first, second and third blog post. Today I am sharing number 4. Because I actually do have something to share. We moved from Hamburg in the north of Germany back to the south to the beautiful city Munich.

I am neither from Munich nor Hamburg. I usually cringe if somebody asks me where I am from because I never know how to answer it. If I am lazy, I will say close to Bielefeld, which is a city in the middle of Germany. It is a place I lived in the longest so far. But if somebody insists and wants to know more details, I have to tell my patchwork bio. Because I was born in Uruguay, a beautiful and small country in Latin America. That’s why you will find my favorite cookies from Uruguay on my blog (chocolate and dulce de leche) or this super delicious peach cake with meringue from my city of birth.

Alfajores, die besten Kekse aus UruguayAlfajores, the best cookies from Uruguay

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Third Round of Coffee with Jenny

I just returned from my holiday in San Francisco. For that reason I felt I wanted to share another vitural coffe with you guys and tell you a little bit about this holiday. Not necessarily in the most sturctured way or with tons of tips including google maps and the like, sorry, but I am not a blogger for travels. I prefer telling the fun little stories I encountered as I feel life is full of little stories and they are not necessarily structured either.

I love travelling, I feel it stirs my creative spirits. You know when you smell so many different scents, when the intonation of the people talking around you sounds like an orchestra from another continent. My brain seems to be wired to happily oversee anything regular at home, but when you are travelling, it suddenly stops and gets all excited about litte mundane things such as road signs. At least this was the case when I set foot on Golden Gate Bridge and suddenly saw the sign pictured below. My brain was suddenly fully awake, tugging me, all excited because it could see a little girl with a pony tail. A girl, not a genderless or abstract symbol, clearly a little girl. My imagination went wild, imagining little Eva who was promised ice cream by her grandfather and was all eager to get chocolate ice cream. I know, I know, I have a pretty wild imagination and I don’t need to do anything in particular to get it going. I mean, this was also the case with the second picture you see below “Listen to the wall.” Doesn’t really make sense to me, I mean, aren’t walls created to hold up something or to look at something? Why should I listen to this particular wall? Is there any kind of bar in the vicinity musicians had gigs at? Is this meant symbolically?  Why should I listen to this wall, this particular wall?

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Let’s Have a Coffee #2

I’m still surprised that you are so interested in my personal life. My new category “Let’s Have a Coffee” seems to be hitting a soft spot, many people have contacted me since then and mentioned that they are really enjoying this new category. If you would like to read my first entry, check it here. And since you were so excited about the first entry, I am doing number two now. As with the first entry, I decided to first answer a question I get asked all the time:

What is your favorite food?

The short answer is: this depends. It depends on the season, whether you are talking about breakfast, main course, etc. Sometimes it will change, just because I am hot or cold, or didn’t sleep properly, etc., etc. Seriously, there is no ONE food I will always eat. However, chances are high that you will get me excited about burgers. I love hamburgers, of course homemade. My husband makes a kick-ass burger bun. He is the master of bread-baking and he has been baking all of the bread we consume for quite some time now. That’s also one of the main reasons you don’t find that many bread recipes on my blog even though we eat a lot of homemade bread. That’s because my husband took over. He once graciously allowed me to document how he made some Italian bread with semolina and olive oil. If you are interested in that recipe, please check here. Do let me know if you are interested in seeing his burger bun recipe, it is a brioche-based bun, just so delicious!

If you are asking about desserts, it gets even harder. You can make me very happy with the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. Or currently I am craving this chocolate mousse cherry cake. I actually invented that recipe and won a baking price with this recipe.

Schoko-Mousse-KirschtorteI won a baking prize with this chocolate mousse cherry cake

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Let’s Have a Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I have decided to introduce a new category here. Don’t worry, of course I will continue posting recipes, a mix of very simple and easy ones, such as these quick and chocolaty cupcakes, but also more complicated cakes, like this cream cheese cake with apples and salted caramel, which we even had for Christmas.

Reason for starting this new category is pretty simple, I have realized that I enjoy reading about more personal matters from other bloggers. I have also found out that people seem to enjoy learning more about me, at least whenever I get more personal, the response rate is high. You will find 35 fun facts about me in this blog post. I often get feedback that these facts are interesting and that I should talk more about myself. For that reason I am inviting you to a virtual coffee with me. I don’t know yet how often I am going to do this, I also don’t yet what exactly it will contain. But regardless, I would also like to talk about other things. For sure baking and recipes will also play a role in this category, but not necessarily the dominant role.

I decided to open the category with one of the questions I get most often and which I have had to answer many times over:

Who eats all the things you bake?

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