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Blog Review of 2023

It has by become a tradition for me to participate in the food blog review by the German blog Feed me up before you go go. Each year, eight questions are answered, and a summary is drawn. You can read my food blog review from 2022, 2021, 2020 und 2019 here. My overall conclusion after six years of blogging? I still enjoy it, and there are still people who recreate the recipes. Indeed, the number of visitors and clicks grows every year, so I will certainly continue blogging in 2024, as far as I’m concerned. But now, let’s move on to the questions.

#1 What was your most successful blog post in 2023?

I’m pleased that the all-time favorite brownie cookies was actually surpassed by the strawberry tiramisu, and the cookies only made it to second place. Overall, I’m surprised and delighted that many of the recipes introduced this year made it into the top 10. In total, six recipes from 2023 made it into the top 10, which is really a great result, isn’t it? I want to give special mention to the lightning-fast lemon dessert, which made it to sixth place, and the Kaiserschmarrn with plum compote (seventh place) (see smaller photos). I’m proud of all of them.

Strawberry tiramisu with no raw egg or alcohol

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Blog Summary of 2019

Letter Cake mit Biskuit und Zitronen-Minzcreme

Today is the last day of 2019. Seriously? When did this actually happen? I really feel like time flies, and somehow this year extra fast. One reason most definitely is the fact that we moved from the north of Germany from Hamburg to the south to Munich. But regardless, it feels like yesterday when I was cleaning the apartment in Hamburg for handover. For that reason I wanted to participate in the blog summary event of Feedmeupbeforeyougogo (in German) to answer a few questions of what actually happened in 2019. But before I do, I wanted to say, I am grateful for my blog year 2019, more than 150% visitors, published more than 70 recipes, regardless of the move, this was a busy year. But let’s get started with the questions.

#1 Which was your most sucessful blog article in 2019?

Schokoladenküchlein mit flüssigem KernDefinitely these lava cakes. Consisting on five ingredients, you will be surprised how easy they are to make. Many readers have told me that they made them sucessfully, which I love to hear. I will give you one secret tip in the article how to be sure you can have success with them, too.

#2 Which three blog articles of 2019 mean the most to you?

First I have to mention my cookie week with Uruguayan cookie recipes. It was so much fun doing research and finding Uruguayan recipes. It definitely is not as common in Latin America to bake as it is in Germany. For that reason it was quite a challenge to even find proper recipes. I learned a lot about the country I was born in and somehow I really enjoyed watching old Youtube videos showing usually moms in their homes making cookies without any proper measurements, let alone a kitchen scale. I guess this is a challenge for me who likes to measure everything as this is the best way to ensure consistent results. I have had to test a lot of the recipes several times to get to anything good. My favorite recipe from this week is currently the chocolate salami, which in my opinion truely resembles a real salami.

My second favorite recipe are the Colombian pandebonos. When I made them first, I had beginner’s luck and they turned out great. However, don’t ask me how many times I had to try over again before they finally tasted great again. Of course I will give you the secret in the blog post how to be sure they are perfect the first time around. Maybe this is the perfect party snack for New Year’s? They are completely gluten free.

Kolumbianische Käsebrötchen namens pandebonosAnd lastly I truely enjoy this pumpkin layer cake, which I prepared for our Friendsgiving.

Pumpkin Layer Cake with Brown Butter Buttercream for Thanksgiving

#3 Which other three blogs inspired you the most?

This would be Emmas Lieblingsstücke (in German) who does the most beautiful cakes. I had the chance to meet Emma personally and I just love her easy-going personality.

Patrick Rosenthal (in German) inspired me with his food photography. Of course I had to bake his oatmeal cookies (delicious by the way!).

And lastly I will never understand how Tieghan from the blog Half baked harvest even has the energy to publish as many recipes as she does every single week. She is such a workaholic. Definitely an inspiration.

#4 Which of the recipes you published have you baked/cooked the most and why?

Grundrezept für oberleckeren PorridgeThis would be the  basic recipe for porridge. Especially in winter I love to eat warm breakfast. I don’t mind getting up a few minutes early and I love preparing some warming porridge for my husband and me. Currently I love it with some apple slices browned in some butter and with some cinnamon.

#5 Which baking problem did you encounter in 2019 and how did you solve it?

Due to our move from Hamburg to Munich I haven’t had the chance to offer baking classes as I had planned to do in 2019. Regardless, I am sure this is going to happen in 2020.

#6 What was a culinary discovery in 2019?

Selbstgemachte dulce de lecheIt was not a new discovery per se. However, I have to say, I love how much the caramel cream dulce de leche is used in Latin American cuisine. I feel it does add some new flavor to anything. If you are into regular caramel, for sure you will love dulce de leche, which is made of sweetened condense milk. In this blog article I offer an easy way how to make it and also several recipes to incorporate it in.

#7 What was the best or funniest search term which visitors used to come to your site?

I don’t have anything that funny to offer. However, one thing I really don’t like and which many search terms did contain was the word Columbia. My dear friends, it may be British Columbia, the university may also be Columbia University, but if you talk about the country, please spell it with two O’s, it is Colombia. If you want to see all my Latin American recipes, check this link.

#8 What do you wish for your blog in 2020?

I am so very happy that I get emails, comments and the like for my recipes. Many are positive, a few negative and each time somebody sends a picture or provides some feedback, it fills me with joy. The reason for my blog is that people actually make the recipes, so whether you want to use Facebook, Instagram, or would like to ask me via email info at jennyisbaking dot com, I am always happy to hear back and if you have an earnest baking question, I will do my very best to answer it.

To 2020! (the featured picture shows my number cake recipe)!