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Overnight Sourdough Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce

Sauerteig-Pfannkuchen mit Heidelbeer-Soße

I have said this before, but I don’t mind repeating it yet again, I am a huge fan of breakfast that can be prepared the night before. These overnight sourdough pancakes definitely fit the bill. I decided to serve them with a delicious blueberry sauce. If you are anything like me, it hurts each time you have to discard some of your sourdough starter. I personally find it so delightful to actually use these discards and make some deliciousness out of it. For this recipe we will need 200 grams of sourdough starter, so nothing is going to be wasted. Are you in the mood for trying this recipe?

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Peach and Blueberry Coffee Cake

Sommerlicher Pfirsich-Heidelbeer-Rührkuchen

Aren’t coffee cakes the best? They are so unassuming, don’t need that many ingredients and it does not take that long for you to actually get to the baking state of this cake. At least this peach and blueberry coffee cake is prepared quickly. You will have to cream the butter, add the sugar and cream a bit more, add eggs and vanilla extract and from there is basically is done. OK, let’s say the hard part. The rest is mainly waiting. So if you are not in the mood for being in the kitchen forever, how about this peach and blueberry coffee cake?

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Beeren-Schokotorte oder Abschied vom Sommer


Ich habe mir gedacht, bevor es so richtig Herbst wird und wir uns vom Sommer verabschieden müssen, gibt es einmal noch eine Hommage an die Beeren in Form einer richtig leckeren Beeren-Schokotorte. Wobei, Pflaumen, Äpfel und Birnen machen sich hier sicher auch gut. Wichtig ist einfach, dass man möglichst säuerliches Obst verwendet, ich habe ziemlich viele Johannisbeeren hergenommen. Mit ihrer säuerlichen Note sind sie das passende Gegenstück zur Süße des Schokoteigs und der Schokosahne.

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Blueberry Sponge Roll

blueberry sponge roll

Guys, this blueberry sponge roll is my new summer favorite. Really. Hamburg has decided to participate in summer this year. Whereas last year summer was on a Tuesday, we have had very nice and sunny weather since May, that’s already three months and it doesn’t look like it is going to change soon. So finally I also got into the “It’s too hot, I don’t want to turn on the oven” mode. I decided I needed something light and fluffy. With fruits preferably. Simple, yet elegant.

blueberry sponge rollAnd decided to stick to something I love and which has served me well in the past: sponge roll. Sponge roll with an ultra creamy, yet refreshing filling. So I decided blueberries would serve me well. Yes, you have to turn on the oven, but it is for a mere ten minutes and this cake really doesn’t take that much time to prepare anyway. Trust me. Continue Reading…

Blueberry Muffins


Yeah, I know, there are so many blueberry muffin recipes out there. I know. But this is my favorite and it is so simple. Please bear with me and make a dozen, or two. Because they are full of this blueberry goodness, and they just make you happy. I promise.

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Lavender Cupcakes


Happy to present lavender cupcakes today. It has been way too long that I presented cupcakes. During these one and a half years I have only shown you guys three recipes, that’s crazy, three only! And since lavender has been on my bucket list forever, I decided to give it a shot this time. Lavender either in a cake or in a cupcake, that was my idea. So I used a basic vanilla cupcake recipe and added some lavender to it. Replaced some of the sugar with honey and added blueberries to the buttercream. May I present to you a summer symphony of lavender, honey, vanilla, and blueberries?

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Heidelbeer-Käsekuchen ohne backen

Ich habe bisher noch nie mit Gelatine oder vegetarischer Gelatine gearbeitet. Ich weiß, irgendwie seltsam. Aber irgendwie habe ich gedacht, dass das mega kompliziert und schwierig ist, dass man die Gelatine schmecken würde und dass es keinen Unterschied macht und der Kuchen mir trotzdem zerfließt. Aber jetzt bin ich soweit. Jetzt wollte ich es mal probieren. Jetzt musste ein Heidelbeerkuchen gezaubert werden. Denn was kann denn schon passieren, außer, dass es schief geht? Und ganz ehrlich, wenn man sich diesen Kuchen anschaut, dann muss man doch gleich reinbeißen, oder?

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