Review after Two Years of Blogging

It has been exactly two years that I started this blog. Unbelievable! For that reason I posted this delicious strawberry chocolate cake last week, check it out, I just love the combination of chocolate and strawberries, don’t you? I didn’t want to publish another recipe today, but only wanted to do a review. I am going to answer Sabine’s questions from the blog Schmeckt nach mehr (in German) again.


#1 What was your most successful blog article of the second year?

I already had a hunch when I started preparing this blog post. It has definitely become a fashion to make cake or letter cakes, such as the one I made below. I knew that it was going to generate a lot of clicks. However, if you want to know why I almost didn’t publish the recipe, check out my blog post.

Letter CakeLetter or number cake with sponge and raspberry cream

#2 Which three blog articles you posted during the second year mean the most to you?

The first that comes to mind are these Heidesand cookies, which is a very buttery cookie from the north of Germany. It is one of the recipes I got to learn about due to one reader who graciously sent it to me. She had gotten it from a dear grandmother who took the time to write it off the top of her head. Unfortunately, the grandmother passed away before I could ask her for further secrets, so it is especially dear to me and I feel honored that the reader gave me permission to publish the recipe. If you have a recipe you would like me to try, by all means, please email me at info at jennyisbaking dot com.

This recipe was also published on the American site MSN and Yahoo and was introduced as one of the ten German cookie recipes you need to try. Needless to say that I was extremely proud. And in case you didn’t know, I publish all recipes in English and in German. If you want to change the language, please click on the flag on the right top.

Heidesand-PlätzchenButtery Heidesand cookies

Number 2  is below pictured cookie cake. It is helpless, I have been and always will be huge cookie monster. If you show me a cookie in cake form, I’m in. So I believe it doesn’t come as a surprise that I took below cake to work for my birthday. I had taken several goodies, but this cake was gone the fastest. I mean, everybody loves a good cookie, so if you get a cookie in a piece of cake, everybody wants a piece whether they are dieting or not.

chocolate chip cookie cakeCookie cake

My third favorite article is below Sachertorte. Man, I did try sooo many recipes before I was finally happy. But then it was real chocolate heaven. Did you know that I have successfully shipped this cake within Germany? It was meant as a wedding gift and came as a surprise to the couple. Maybe it is so dear to my as this is my favorite part of baking, to spread the joy.

Echte österreichische SachertorteReal Austrian Sachertorte with only a few ingredients

#3 Which other bloggers have inspired you the most?

I was very much impressed how hard Sarah from the German blog Knusperstübchen worked. Do you know the Advent calendars that are very common in Germany? She decided to publish a new recipe every single day from December 1 through to December 24. I find that amazing, I know how much work it is to work on one single recipe so publishing 24 recipes in a row, wow! If you check out her blog, you will also see the beautiful pictures she manages to shoot of her food. She is my role model, I am trying to constantly take such great pictures as she is.

Number 2 is Zorra from the German blog Kochtopf. When I organized my first blog parades, link parties and the like, I quickly came to realize how much work this is and how often you have to chase people. Zorra regularly organizes blog events, for example bakealongs, which she hastagges as #synchronbacken. Zorra also organized a blogger Advent calendar (in German), which I took part it with these Colombian cheese balls. She truly inspires me and is one of these people who really reaches out just for the sake of the blogger community. She doesn’t focus on monetizing her blog or making profit, she is a person who really believes in sharing and caring.

And number 3 is Tieghan from half baked harvest. She publishes soooo many recipes and works really hard. I had intended of making this amazing pumpkin layer cake for Thanksgiving, but I didn’t get round to it. Hopefully I will have the chance this year. If you would like to know why we like to celebrate Thanksgiving even though neither my husband or me are from the U.S. or Canada, check out this blog post.

#4 Which recipe you published during your second year you have eaten the most?

This is definitely my base recipe for the best porridge. We ate a lot in fall and winter. Even though this recipe has only been online for a little bit, I definitely have to say that we ate it a lot. I love having warm breakfast and I love porridge as it is gluten free, can be made vegan. I find there is no better way to start the day with this energy boost.

Grundrezept für oberleckeren PorridgeBase recipe for the best porridge, can be made vegan

#5 What has occupied you the most during your second year of blogging?

I know this sounds boring, but one topic I have been thinking about a lot is marketing. A lot of times people came back to me saying it is a pity that my blog is unknown, which is a pity. Honestly? I find marketing extremely hard, I’m just not your typical salesperson. But be it as it may, I am happy to say that despite my lack of marketing talent, the numbers of visitors and page views alike have quadrupled during the second year. One big factor was definitely Pinterest.  I’m still far from being a big blog, but I find this number very encouraging. By the way, you also find me on Instagram.

#6 What was your biggest culinary discovery – which produce, recipe, technique, or flavor opened a whole new world to you?

Sous vide, this is a cooking technique which produces one of the most tender steaks. I have also successfully tempered chocolate with this method. As you seal whatever you wish to cook in zip-lock bags, I feel it is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to clean up a lot. I don’t mind washing the zip-lock bags to do the process all over again! I also feel that sous vide appliances are getting more affordable and also easier to use at home. The only reason I haven’t published any recipe with this technique on my blog yet is the fact that it is mainly used for main dishes, meat mostly and I focus on baked goods. However, I may at some point introduce it also on my blog. You know, for some nice custard or cake with a waterbath option.

#7 What was the best or funniest search term people used and ended up on your blog?

These hieroglyphs were used twice: mawcp2abnliqzlioauaywgvjotygmke0mj4yzwoeqjabmj4
Seriously, if you can tell me what they mean and how this person even ended on my blog, I will happily bake and ship something to you, regardless of where you live.

#8 What are your wishes and hopes for your third year of blogging?

I am planning to give baking classes, I already did some test runs and really truly enjoy teaching. The second aspect I want to work on is videos. Very scary thing to do, but I am excited. Will let you know how that turns out for sure.

Alfajores, die besten Kekse aus UruguayUruguayan alfajores

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    Friday April 12th, 2019 at 10:01 PM

    Hi Jenny! I’m delighted to have found your blog. I clicked on your blog link from a comment you left on Sally’s Baking Addiction. I was intrigued because your URL ended with “de”. You see, I’m an American living in Germany for 3 months now and sometimes one can feel really lonely when one is a foreigner!

    I’ve read a few of your blog posts and your kind, generous nature is apparent on every page. I too love to bake to de-stress and to connect with others, even if I’m not going to eat from my baked goods (in fact I’m gluten intolerant and rarely eat the goods I make). Baking has often been my way of connecting with acquaintances here. Blueberry muffins and sour cream coffee cakes have a tendency to transcend all cultures and languages, no?

    Looking forward to dig through the rest of your blog posts.

    Much love

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      Saturday April 13th, 2019 at 08:12 AM

      Hi Ala, thank you for your very kind words! If you happen to live in Munich, let me know, then we can destress baking together 😉

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