Let’s have a coffe no. 4


I recently introduced a new category here on the blog. I basically invite you to have a coffee with me, at least virtually. If you are interested in my previous blog posts of this category, check out the first, second and third blog post. Today I am sharing number 4. Because I actually do have something to share. We moved from Hamburg in the north of Germany back to the south to the beautiful city Munich.

I am neither from Munich nor Hamburg. I usually cringe if somebody asks me where I am from because I never know how to answer it. If I am lazy, I will say close to Bielefeld, which is a city in the middle of Germany. It is a place I lived in the longest so far. But if somebody insists and wants to know more details, I have to tell my patchwork bio. Because I was born in Uruguay, a beautiful and small country in Latin America. That’s why you will find my favorite cookies from Uruguay on my blog (chocolate and dulce de leche) or this super delicious peach cake with meringue from my city of birth.

Alfajores, the best cookies from Uruguay

When I was about a year old, we moved to Fresno, California. After three years we moved back to Uruguay. So my bio reads Uruguay, USA, Uruguay and then finally Germany. I was only about six years and a half when we came to Germany, but the international flair definitely has influenced a lot of decisions. My mom says I spoke Spanish, English, and German fluently as a child. However, since almost all of my schooling took place in Germany and I also graduated from a German university, I will definitely conquer that German is my mother tongue.

I have also moved inside of Germany. As stated, I lived close to Bielefeld for most of my teenage years. However, I did move to the east to Dresden after high school as I had planned to study jazz piano at the conservatory. After that I moved to Munich, which was followed by Hamburg, and now it is back to Munich again. Moving takes a lot of energy and this one was no exception. I swear, one day I am going to paint walls professionally. Also, coordinating a move, even if it is in the same country, requires a lot of skills.  Logistics is an art. Yes, of course I was careful to take my beloved KitchenAid with me and as always I had to make sure it got a prime place for me to use it. Did you know that I named mine Joseph? I like giving names to things, especially if they are dear to me.

KitchenAid with cookie monster stickerBut while I still had my KitchenAid, I decided to bake a  Sachertorte for my colleagues. This is a famous chocolate layer cake from Austria, which freezes easily and can be made in advance. I have even successfully shipped one within Germany as a wedding gift. Needless to say that my colleagues were extremely happy when they got this chocolate cake as a treat.

Echte österreichische SachertorteChocolate cake from Austria

I will work full-time in Munich as I previously did in Hamburg and work on this blog on the side. Yes, it does require a lot of work and time, but I have to say, I really enjoy this hobby of baking, writing, styling food, shooting pictures; I am quite passionate about it. For that reason I hope I can continue with this blog for a long time. If you would like to know what I have planned for my third year of blogging, check out this post.

Ok, so this was it, anything else you would like to know?

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