My Nine Favorite Colombian Dishes

Meine neun Lieblingsrezepte aus Kolumbien

Today I will give you my personal favorite nine recipes from Colombia. You will get main courses, snacks, and desserts. I have been married to a Colombian for ten years now and therefore had the chance to try many Colombian recipes. I was also fortunate enough to visit this beautiful country several times. I am often asked what Colombian cuisine is like. The only simple answer is: this depends. Colombia is a country of vast different climates, you don’t have jungle only, but mountain chains and savannas. Apart from the Caribbean you also have a dessert, therefore it is very hard to pin it down to just a few dishes. Colombia has a wealth of potatoes, you will also see many different types of corn. Typically, a lot of dishes do not contain gluten and are prepared either with potatoes, corn or starches from manioc, etc. Many people are surprised when they learn that Colombian cuisine is not spicy at all, cilantro and cumin are often used as well as annatto, which has a vibrant red color and is simply called “color” in Colombia. I don’t claim at all that these nine dishes are the most typical Colombian dishes, these are simply my favorite recipes. If you would like to see a certain dish or would like to comment, please feel free to do so below. But now let’s get started!

#1 Arepa boyacense, corn flatbread with cheese filling

This corn flatbread is traditionally served for breakfast. I love them with mozzarella filling.

Colombian corn bread arepa boyacense

#2 Frijoles, red beans

Yes, Colombia also likes to serve red beans with rice. Usually they contain a mild cilantro flavor.

Kolumbianische rote Bohnen

#3 Pandebonos, gluten free cheese buns

The perfect snack, easy to prepare and gluten free.

Kolumbianische Käsebrötchen namens pandebonos

#4 Merengón, merengue with berries

Merengue with a sauce made from berries. Traditionally “mora” a fruit similar to blackberries is used as the main fruit.

Merengón Baisertraum mit Beeren

#5 Postre de natas, milk custard

You will need a lot of time and patience for this dessert, which is similar to rice milk.

Kolumbianischer Pudding postre de natas

#6 Milhojas, puff pastry with caramel and cream

Homemade puff pastry, a caramel layer, and whipping cream are the main components of this dessert.

Milhojas aus Kolumbien

#7 Roscón, sweet yeast bread

This sweet yeast bread is made with “bocadillo”, a cuttable jam.  Roscon, kolumbianischer Hefekranz

#8 Cookies with Milo

Attention, these cookies are not Colombian per se, the malt drink Milo is and these are prepared with it.

Milo cookies

#9 Arequipe, caramel cream made from sweetened condensed milk

This is like the Nutella of Latin America and is used as a filling. You may also fill the roscón from above with it.

Selbstgemachte dulce de leche

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