Delicious Strawberry Stracciatella Cake

Hohe Erdbeer-Stracciatella-Torte

I have a super delicious strawberry stracciatella cake for you for Mother’s day! I won’t deny it, this cake is quite a bit of work, but in my opinion that’s OK for showing your gratitude for your mom. The base is a vanilla sponge cake, which is then filled with a strawberry stracciatella filling and topped off with a Swiss meringue buttercream. I decided to brush the cake layers with some coffee to keep it moist. Also, before we fill the cake, we are going to spread some strawberry jam on each cake layer. This all will help for the cake to stay moist even on the third and fourth day and also gives you the chance to prepare it in advance.

Hohe Erdbeer-Stracciatella-TorteIf you want to surprise you mom with this strawberry stracciatella cake, you can start a few days beforehand. This is how I did it:

  • Two days ahead I made the sponge cakes and the buttercream. I kept both tightly covered in the fridge.
  • One day ahead I made the filling, assembled the cake and frostd it with the buttercream. Again I chilled it in the fridge.
  • One the day itself I prepared the strawberries for decoration and dusted it with some icing sugar. It tasted great and also kept for the next day easily.

Hohe Erdbeer-Stracciatella-Torte

Delicious Strawberry Stracciatella Cake

Serves: One 20 cm/8inch ∅ springform
Prep Time: 2hrs Cooking Time: 30min Total Time: 2 hrs 30min

This delicious strawberry stracciatella cake has sponge cakes as the base, is filled with a strawberry stracciatella filling and frosted with a Swiss meringue buttercream.


  • Cake Layers (can be made up to 2 days in advance)
  • 80 grams of butter
  • 8 good eggs
  • 200 grams of regular sugar, divided
  • 200 grams of all-purpose flour
  • 40 grams of cornstarch

  • Filling
  • 3 sheets of gelatine
  • 250 grams of mascarpone
  • 250 grams of cream cheese
  • 400 grams of fresh strawberries
  • 100 grams of chocolate shavings or chocolate
  • 1 strong espresso or if you prefer strawberry juice or similar
  • Strawberry jam

  • Buttercream for frosting can be made up to 2 days in advance
  • 6 egg whites
  • 200 grams of regular sugar
  • 350 grams of butter at room temperature
  • 200 grams of fresh strawberries



For the cake layers line the bottom of two 20cm/8inch cake pans with parchment paper. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Melt the butter and set aside.


Divide the egg yolks and egg whites in two large bowls, add 140 grams of sugar to the egg yolks and 60 grams to the egg whites. Measure flour and cornstarch into a small bowl and set aside. Then beat the egg whites until soft peaks form. Without cleaning your machine, beat the egg yolks until light in color and thicker in consistency, this takes a few minutes. Sieve the flour and cornstarch on top of the egg yolks and briefly combine those. Then add 1/3 of the beaten egg whites and fold in, add the second third and also mix until combined. Using a spatula, fold in the last third, trying not to lose any volume. Do the same with the cooled-off butter until the batter looks homogeneous.


Immediately transfer to the cake forms and divide evenly. Bake immediately for 30min. If you only have one cake pan, I recommend only making half the recipe as this sponge cake cannot sit long and should be baked right away. Once fully baked, let cool off and release from cake forms. If you are continuing the next day, wrap tightly at room temperature. You can put the cake into the freezer for 10 minutes as this will make it easier to cut. Cut each cake in half so that you have four cake layers total.


For the filling dissolve the gelatine in cold water for a few minutes. Whisk mascarpone and cream cheese, wash the strawberries and cut into cubes. Take the gelatine to a small pot and gently heat, the melting point is lower than chocolate, so you really don't need much heat. Wait until gelatine has dissolved, then add about a tablespoon of the mascarpone mix to the gelatine and mix. Then pour this into the bowl with the mascarpone and mix again. Fold in strawberries and chocolate shavings. If you don't have chocolate shavings, you can use a vegetable cutter to get the chocolate shavings from regular chocolate.


For the buttercream place egg whites and sugar into a pot you can use for a waterbath. Gently heat on a waterbath while stirring. You should reach 71 Celsius. If you don't have a thermometer, if rubbing a bit of the mix between your fingers, you should not feel the sugar crystals anymore. It usually takes a few minutes. Without cooling off, beat the mix with a machine until you have glossy meringue and it has cooled off. This can easily take about ten minutes. Once you have glossy meringue, slowly add the butter by the spoonful. The idea is that meringue as well as butter have about the same temperature. If your mixture is too cold, it may look curdled, don't worry, either heat up a small part of the buttercream in the microwave and then continue beating after putting it back or use a waterbath to heat up your bowl with the buttercream inside a bit. Usually it won't take long for your buttercream to look smooth and silky. If it looks soupy, it is till too warm, pop in the freezer or fridge for ten minutes and then try again. The final buttercream should look silky and smooth. Set aside.


Now we are going to assemble the cake. Brush the bottom cake layer with espresso, it's OK if it is still hot. Then pipe on an outer ring onto the cake with the buttercream. You may use a piping bag or just cut off a corner of a small plastic bag. Spread a bit of the strawberry jam inside this buttercream circle. Then put a third of the filling and make sure the buttercream and the filling have the same hight. Place the second cake layer on top and repeat, also with the third layer. For sharp edges, I usually turn around the fourth cake layer, check which side has sharper edges. The make a thin layer of frosting all around the cake. This is called crumb coat as you try to "glue" the crumbs inside. Chill for at least 30min then frost the entire cake again with the remaining buttercream. for a smoth side, I usually take a longer ruler, but you can do it with a knife, too. Shortly before serving, cut the strawberries and decorate center of the cake. You may dust with icing sugar.

Hohe Erdbeer-Stracciatella-Torte

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