My Nine Favorite Holiday Cookies

Alfajores marplatenses aus Uruguay

I am not the conventional German cookie maker. Yes, of course I have all the traditional German cookies on my blog, such as vanilla crescents, cinnamon stars, gingerbread aka Lebkuchen and Linzer. However, my favorite cookies, even during the season, are usually not the traditional Christmas cookies. I usually prefer cookies you can eat all year round. Many German cookies are based on some version of sugar cookie or even pie crust, if you are looking for tips how to deal with this type of sugar cookie, check out this blog post. I also have one full blog post on how to freeze leftover egg yolks and egg whites. If you are looking for some different cookie, below list may be for you. I usually make a full plate with different cookies and many times one of the below cookies was declared the favorite from the receiver of the cookie plate.

From Germany

  1. Pfeffernüsse or peppernut cookies This is an old recipe I found in my grandma’s handwritten recipe book
  2. Buttermilk oat cookies, very easy to make with buttermilk and rolled oats and dunked in chocolate
  3. Heidesand with rosemary and lemon, a slice cookie with rosemary and lemon flavor, so good!

From Latin America and Italy

  • Alfajores with caramel: think sugar cookie with dulce de leche (Caramel) and a hint of coconut
  • Chocolate alfajores with caramel: chocolate cookie, dulce de leche with extra melted chocolate, so, so good! (Featured picture as well as the one in the middle below)
  • Baci di dama: made with hazelnuts and sandwiched together with melted chocolate

From the U.S.

If you are considering shipping cookies (maybe even internationally?), I’ve got you covered as well. I do hope that you enjoy baking all these cookies and the season!

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