Inspiration with my Christmas Cookie Plate

Every year I make a Christmas cookie plate with different cookies, usually with around 10+ cookies. I wanted to share my two plates with you for inspiration. How to ship cookies is explained in this blog article, another article looks at how to deal with sugar cookies. If you want to freeze egg whites, this article may be for you. So let’s start with the cookies I made in 2023 and 2022:

  1. Filled gingerbread hearts
  2. Linzer cookies
  3. Gingerbread for the Christmas tree
  4. Cantuccini with cranberries
  5. Christmas wreaths
  6. Chocolate chip cookies
  7. Chocolate nougat sticks
  8. Tiny gingerbread houses
  9. Hazelnut cookies
  10. Sugar cookies with royal icing
  11. Dutch stroopwafels

These were the cookies I made in 2022:

  1. Old-fashioned peppermint cookies
  2. Mushroom cookies
  3. Christmas wreaths
  4. Gingerbread for the Christmas tree
  5. Linzer cookies
  6. Snickerdoodles
  7. Gingerbread men
  8. Tiny gingerbread houses
  9. Alfajores from Uruguay (chocolate caramel cookie)
  10. Brownie cookies
  11. German quince squares

P.S.: You may also enjoy making these cute santas:

Süßer Nikolaus aus Mürbeteig

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