My Eight Favorite Fall Recipes

Have I mentioned before that I love fall? It is my favorite season. I just love everything, the cozy scent of cinnamon, warm and snuggly blankets, hot chocolate, the golden sunlight, there is very little I don’t like about fall. I even enjoy the rain, even if I have to wear a rain jacket and rain pants when I cycle to work and feel the raindrops hitting my face. It’s like an old friend I am happy to say hi to. For that reason it is time that I give you a list of my favorite fall recipes. Oh, there is so much you can bake with, apples, plums, cinnamon, pumpkin, I just love fall ingredients! As today is the first day of fall, I officially wanted to do a collection of fall recipes. I hope you find something to your liking!

#1 Pumpkin roll in the shape of a pumpkin

This is vegan yeast dough that is pretty easy to prepare and is definitely going to be a show-stopper. I brought these pumpkin rolls to a party once and I was asked to pass on the recipe several times.

pumpkin rollPumpkin rolls in pumpkin shape

2. Cute owl cupcakes

I made a mistake the first time I made these. I gave these cute little owls names. And then it was so hard to actually bite into one of these big eyes… Really bad idea. You will need Oreos and M&Ms, it’s really simple to make.

Süße EulencupcakesCute owl cupcakes

3. Cream cheese cake with apples and salted caramel

I am not a big fan of cream cheese cakes, I know I am weird, but this cream cheese cake with apples and salted caramel was made on Christmas. It was simply that good. Seriously!

Käsekuchen mit Apfelkompott und KaramellCream cheese cake with apples and salted caramel

4. Plum Tart

Think simple pie crust, lots and lots of plums and cinnamon streusel and you get this beauty. I definitely want another slice, please.

Pflaumentarte mit ZimtstreuselnPlum Tart

5. Banana layer cake with brown butter cream

The banana layer cake itself is to die for, but topped with this brown butter buttercream and I am sure you will be sold!

Bananenkuchen mit Brownbutter-CremeBanana layer cake with brown butter cream

6. Apple cranberry pie

Yes, this is a pie in a springform, yes, there are lots of apples are hiding below the pie crust. I also explain how to make these cute little roses in the blog post.

Apple Cranberry Almond PieApple cranberry pie

7. Pumpkin roll with apple cream

This is not your regular pumpkin roll with cream cheese, no, I wanted more fall flavor and decided for an apple cream and some crunsh, so you will also find walnuts in the cream. Kürbisbiskuitrolle mit Apfelcreme

8. Chocolate lava cake

Chocolate will never go out of fashion, but fall is the perfect season, in my opinion, for chocolate to be IN fashion. I just love these simple chocolate lava cakes, so easy to prepare and so yummy to eat!

Schokoladenküchlein mit flüssigem KernChocolate lava cake

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