15 Brunch Ideas

Are you still looking for last-minute inspiration for your Easter brunch? I have compiled 15 ideas here, pancakes, waffles, cakes, you will also find something savory and vegan dishes, so let’s keep this brief and get going:

Waffles, pancakes and the like

#1 Fluffy Kaiserschmarrn with rhubarb compoteFluffiger Kaiserschmarren mit Rhabarberkompott#2 Thick pancakes with sourdough (overnight prep)Sauerteig-Pfannkuchen mit Heidelbeer-Soße#3 American pancakes

strawberry pancakes with strawberry sauce

#4 Belgian waffles with yeast dough

Dicke belgische Waffeln mit Hefeteig#5 Waffle cake

Waffeltörtchen mit Rhabarberkompott und frischen Erdbeeren

Yeasty Stuff

#6 Classic braided bread

Fluffig weicher Hefezopf oder Osterzopf#7 Raspberry wreath

Hefekranz mit Himbeermarmelade#8 Yeast wreath from Colombia with guava paste #9 Ukranian yeast bread (paska)
Paska, ukrainisches Osterbrot#10 Classic American cinnamon rolls#11 French toast from Uruguay#12 Spinach and egg quiche from Uruguay (pascualina)

Gluten-free and/or vegan

#13 Gluten-free corn flatbread with cheese filling from Colombia (arepas de queso)

Arepas con queso

#14 Gluten-free and vegan fruit pizza

#15 American carrot cupcakes

Die allerbesten Möhren-Cupcakes mit Frischkäse-Creme

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