My Ten Favorite Layer Cakes

Meine neun Lieblingstorten

My ten favorite layer cakes, today I am going to introduce them to you! I have to spill a few secrets today, one of them is that you make me so happy! Just looking at the reader’s favorite recipes from 2019 and 2020, I am astonished that so many layer cakes made it to the top. You know, a layer cake usually means several different components. A layer cake means quite a bit of work. This is not like a simple cookie, layer cakes will take time. Yes, and I have also learned a thing or two along the way. Did you know that I didn’t dare to cut a cake into more than two layers? The cake layers were so crooked, it was aweful. Until I learned that you don’t cut through immediately, but you will go around just about a centimeter or so and slowly work your way through. That’s how you get even cake layers! Yes, I have also failed, cakes didn’t turn out or melted away, but regardless, I love making cakes. You apparently, too, at least you seem to really make a lot of them.

And let me spill another secret. I have been making my own birthday cake for years. Each time I am like, OK, I don’t care what people want or which recipes may go viral, I will simply invent a cake I like and which is something for MY tastebuds. And then I sit down and invent a recipe I like. Since I am chocoholic many of my cakes will have some chocolate part. Interestingly enough, many of these layers cakes I made not caring about readers’s interest or whether this was something worth posting, have made it to the top ten. I am beyond happy that you seem to have a very similar taste. I mean, maybe I should only post cakes I like and then somehow they will make it to the top. That makes me so happy! But now let’s get down to business, below you will see MY favorite layer cakes. Don’t ask me how long I had to think about which ten to include, there are simply so many…

My Ten Favorite Layer Cakes

#1 Raspberry chocolate cake

Saftige Himbeer-Schoko-TorteThis is a moist chocolate cake with lots of raspberries and a chocolate drip. Currently also your number 1 and rated more than 200 times. You will also find a video to guide you.

#2 Blueberry lemon cake

Super saftige Heidelbeer-Zitronen-TorteYes, I also like vanilla cake. In this instance with lots of lemon flavor and also blueberries. The whipping cream is without any gelatine.

#3 Banana chocolate cake

Schoko-Bananen-Torte mit BiskuitThis has been such a hit this year, which makes me very happy. Banana split is probably the best description. Banana plus chocolate sponge and banana chips.

#4 Chocolate chip cookie cake

Chocolate-Chip-TorteAre you a cookie monster just like me? In my opion perfect on any occasion, not only for a birthday cake. This is the famous chocolate chip cookie in cake form.

#5 American carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Amerikanischer Carrot-Cake mit Frischkäse-CremeYes, this is the famous American carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I always reduce the amount of sugar as I find American recipes way too sweet, but other than that very authentic.

#6 Whisky caramel cake

Whiskytorte mit Schoko und KaramellThis cake has lots of whisky in the cake layers and the cream is made with caramel, whipped cream and mascarpone. So good!

#7 Lavender blackberry cake

Sommerliche Brombeer-Lavendel-TorteBlackberry and lavender combine so nicely. This is another vanilla-cake base with the reverse-creaming method.

#8 Vegan mango chocolate cake

Vegane Mango-Schoko-TorteI once made this vegan mango cake for a small wedding. That time not only vegan, but also gluten free and nobody noticed.

#9 Chocolate cherry cake

Kirsch-Schoko-Mousse-TorteMaybe this layer cake is not as tall as others, but I love it nonetheless. This is a shortbread chocolate base, chocolate mousse and cherry compote. I even won a baking price with this recipe.

#10 Vegan Oreo cake

Vegane Oreo-TorteSince the start, this vegan Oreo cake has been in the top ten, in 2021 it currently ranks as number 5. The cake consists of chocolate cake layers and a “buttercream” with crushed Oreos.

OK, so these were my favorite, which one is your favorite layer cake?

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    Ottó Virág
    Sunday December 4th, 2022 at 10:23 PM

    Once read a recipe about “Nelson torte” which had 7 layers, but all with different tastes, can you recreate that, and publish the recipe.

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      Monday December 5th, 2022 at 12:02 PM

      I did some research and couldn’t find anything in this regard, there are some Nelson squares from wartime? Feel free to email me a recipe at info at jennisbaking dot com.

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