12 Recipes with Dulce de Leche

I probably sound like a broken record, but dulce de leche is as popular in Latin America as is Nutella in Europe. This caramel is made from milk and sugar. You will find plentiful recipes featuring dulce de leche. It may be used as a filling or it will serve as a thin layer. It can be a simple dollop served with flan. You will be able to spread it on bread (just like Nutella) or you can simply eat it by the spoonful. I am telling you, there is a reason why this caramel is so popular. Today I will introduce twelve recipes from Latin America containing dulce de leche, one is from Russia. So which recipe is your favorite?

Let’s first start with the basic recipe for dulce de leche:

Selbstgemachte dulce de leche

Slightly more liquid but with much faster results is dulce de leche from a frying pan. You will find the recipe if you click on the link.

Layer Cakes:

#1 Peach cake with a caramel layer from Uruguay (called chajá). You are going to layer a sponge cake with peaches, dulce de leche and will also use meringue.

Uruguays Version einer Pfirsichtorte (postre chajá)

#2 Torta Maria Luisa from Colombia, which is similar to the British Victoria Sponge Cake. The two cake layers are sandwiched together with dulce de leche (called arequipe in Colombia):

Torta Maria Louisa aus Kolumbien

#3 Brigadeiro cake from Brazil. Sweetend condensed milk or “doce de leite” will be used plentiful in this calorie bomb. If you like that, this cake is for you.

Brasilianische Brigadeiro-Schokotorte

#4 Napoleon cake from Russia. Layer after layer these have a spread similar to a custard containing dulce de leche at heart.

Russische Torte NapoleonDesserts:

#5 Roscón from Colombia, a yeast wreath filled with dulce de leche aka arequipe

Roscónes: Süßes Hefebrot aus Kolumbien mit Karamellcreme

#6 Classic alfajores from Uruguay, a sandwich cookie with dulce de leche filling

Klassische Alfajores aus Uruguay

#7 Chocolate alfajores from Uruguay, a chocolate sandwich cookie is filled with dulce de leche and covered in chocolate

Alfajores aus Uruguay#8 Berliner Pfannkuchen from Argentinien with dulce de leche

#9 Chocolate empanadas, these are turnovers made with a chocolate sugar cookie dough and filled with dulce de leche

Schoko-Empanadas mit Dulce de Leche

#10 Milhojas from Colombia, puff pastry is filled with a custard and cream and brushed with dulce de leche

Milhojas aus Kolumbien

#11 Chocotorta, a no-bake dessert from Argentina, which layers chocolate cookies with a dulce de leche and cream cheese mix

Chocotorta aus Argentinien

#12 Brazo de reina from Chile, a sponge roll is filled with dulce de leche aka manjar

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