My Favorite Café “Wir machen Cupcakes” in Munich

Café Wir machen Cupcakes in München

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Does your heart break into pieces every time you stroll through your city and you see yet again another “We are closing” sign? Especially if it is a café or bar? At least I am heart-broken to see how many have been affected by the crisis here in Munich. It is a relief for me that my favorite cafe “Wir machen Cupcakes” (which translates to we are making cupcakes) is still running and open. I do desperately hope that this cafe will make it through the crisis in one piece.

Yes, you will find tons of cupcakes in this cafe, obviously. However, you will also find macarons, cakepops, cronuts, and super beautiful cakes made from scratch. My favorite among the cupakes is the one called “Chocolate Decadence” for EUR 3.50 each. As a chocoholic this doesn’t come as a surprise. The owner Maria writes on her homepage that it’s the cafe’s intention is to make you feel at home and to introduce a sparkle of joy in your everyday life. I couldn’t have said it any better, regardless of whether I wanted to celebrate my bachelorette’s party here or whether I wanted to unwind with a little treat after work.

Schoko-Cupcakes vom Café "Wir machen Cupcakes" in München

The famous chocolate cupake called “Chocolate Decadence” from the café “Wir machen Cupcakes” in Munich

Maria took over the café in 2017, which has existed since 2010. First she baked all goods as a trained pastry chef. She is from Argentina and also worked in London. When she was offered the chance, she took it and did not regret it ever since, it was love at first sight. When I asked her how she is doing during this crisis, she admitted that she was scared at the beginning, yet also touched to see how many people asked for cake orders and the like, and how many switched to a cupcake to go. Yes, the people in Munich stick together.

Photo property of owner Maria herselfFoto Eigentum der Besitzerin Maria

If you are currently located in Munich, you have the option of either picking up your favorite treats or delivery (EUR 25 minimum). When I gave the cafe my last visit in May 2020, I simply took the cupakes home (in a very cute box). If you want to try out this café, this is what you need to know.


Café “Wir machen Cupcakes”

Homepage, Instagram, Facebook


Frauenstraße 11 (between Viktualienmarkt and Isartor), 80469 Munich, Germany

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Friday 11am – 6pm


+49 89 23 71 89 40

+49 176 42 03 59 74

My personal recommendation:

Cupcake Chocolate Decadence, EUR 3.50, for the standard selection please check out this

Schoko-Cupcake vom Café Wir machen Cupcakes in MünchenIf you are now in the mood for cupcakes, you can try the following recipes (I do have more here on my blog, simply type in cupcake in the search option):

Let’s support local buiness together! I am also taking part in the event #meinlieblingscafe organized by (in German) which is going to showcast favorite cafe of baking bloggers throughout Germany Please check the site (in German) here. The team of wrote: “The current situation is, without a doubt, sepcial. It changed our lives in many ways and which it probably will during the next weeks and months to come. Digging into a delicious piece of cake has helped us through this crisis. So let’s celebrate these special moments and let’s stick together and support local buinesses and cafés ❤” I don’t have anything to add to that.

Café Wir machen Cupcakes in MünchenAll opinions expressed here are my own and I was not paid for any of the content.Photo property of the owner Maria[/caption]Im Moment wird sowohl ein Lieferservice (ab 25 EUR) und “to-go” angeboten. Ich selbst habe die Cupcakes für meinen Mann und mich einfach mit nach Hause genommen, eine tolle Cupcake-Schachtel inklusive. Wie wär’s, besuch das Café doch mal oder lass dir was nach Hause liefern! Hier nochmal alle Daten.


Café “Wir machen Cupcakes”

Homepage, Instagram, Facebook


Frauenstraße 11 (zwischen Viktualienmarkt und Isartor), 80469 München


Di-Fr 11-18 Uhr


+49 89 23 71 89 40

+49 176 42 03 59 74

Meine persönliche Empfehlung:

Cupcake Chocolate Decadence, 3,50 EUR, die Standard-Auswahl an Cupcakes findest du hier

Schoko-Cupcake vom Café Wir machen Cupcakes in MünchenFalls du jetzt Lust auf Cupcakes hast, natürlich gibt es hier auf meinem Blog viele Rezepte, hier eine kleine Auswahl (es gibt noch mehr, einfach dazu Cupcake als Suchbegriff eingeben):

Mit dieser Aktion mache ich auch bei #meinlieblingscafe von mit, die von diversen Backbloggern in unterschiedlichen Städten die Lieblingscafés auf dieser Seite vorstellen. Das Team von schreibt: “Die aktuelle Situation ist ohne Frage besonders. Sie hat unser Leben an vielen Stellen verändert und wird dies vermutlich auch in den nächsten Wochen und Monaten noch tun. Der Genuss eines leckeren Stück Kuchens hat uns gerade in der vergangenen Zeit so manchen Mo- ment versüßt. Lasst uns also diese süßen Momente gemeinsam feiern und dabei unsere Lieblingscafés mit viel Liebe und Zusammenhalt unterstützen ❤” Dem ist nichts mehr hinzuzufügen.

Café Wir machen Cupcakes in München*Für diesen Beitrag habe ich mit dem Café “Wir machen Cupcakes” unbezahlt zusammengearbeitet. Der Post ist deshalb als Werbung zu kennzeichnen. Meine Äußerungen sind allerdings nicht beeinflusst und entsprechen meiner eigenen Meinung.

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